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Black, White and Khaki

Black, White & Khaki is a 3 part documentary by Wild Dog Productions on unsung and forgotten heroes and participants in the 2nd Anglo Boer War. With dramatised seqeuences of the Battle of Talana Hill, SpionKop and Magersfontein, and the Concentration Camps, this series recognizes and remembers those many black, coloured, Indian and foreign combatanats and non combatants caught up in a war that was not theirs.

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The Wild Bunch

A team of vets and scientists  in South Africa are changing the rules of species preservation in the 21st century.

With rapid species decline, they know that conservation today can’t wait for tomorrow. So they fast track the whole process, breaking the rules and putting together the best teams for each project.

Not only do they use cutting edge techniques and technology, they invent their own. This is the new species conservation and we have recorded if, for the first time, in our 13 x 24 min series, The Wild Bunch.

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Eye Of Africa


Sport, Action and Adventure

Selleria Equipe World Cup Qualifier 

Kevro new Acelli

Wide Horizon Hospice's 5th Charity Endurance Race



 Experience Zimbabwe

 The Value Logistics Fast One Cycle Race

    GameTrackers Balloon Safari





A team is searching the wetland in the hopes of finding a bird that has only been seen a handful of times... 


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deep blue sky

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checkup, then is set free again

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Broadcast quality HD time-lapse with the Canon EOS 5D Mk11

Soar with Griffons at eye level